About Me

As a former figure competitor and fitness enthusiast, I am very passionate about the fit life and helping others adopt a healthier lifestyle. I am not a personal trainer, I just love fitness!  I played softball for ten years and did track and field for three years. After high school, I joined the United States Army and stayed in for seven years. I have always been active and I enjoy it to the fullest.

I have spent these last two years on two very unfamiliar fitness paths. On one path, I found myself trying to gain muscle with two trainers in a group setting and I did! I was a “skinny minny” as I had been all through my years and I was tired of it. I had no hips, buns, or any sort of”nice shape” so I thought. So I decided to get off of my couch, back away from wine and cheese and do something about it. I started at one gym that I was very fond of but I felt like I could do more. After attending a bodybuilding competition, I found myself in a gym that trained bodybuilders and four months later I was on stage in my first figure competition! Preparing for that was absolutely grueling and the hardest thing I had ever had to do diet-wise. As far as the physical aspect, some of us were pushing over 1000 repetitions (on various exercises) per day for about two months up until the competition. Everything involving bodybuilding has taught me so much about the sport itself, myself, and my body. Since then, I have been helping and inspiring people achieve their goals. I want nothing more than for people to feel the way that I felt when I finally achieved the look I wanted. Its a feeling like no other to be proud of the body that you built. I hope you all are encouraged and I hope to help as many people as I can! 🙂 Enjoy!