Changing Daily Habits Helps Shed Extra Pounds

From walking around the room during a commercial break rather than DVR through them to sleeping an hour earlier at night, your weight is something you can change with easy, everyday habits that keep those extra pounds where you do not want them.

Eating Habits

It is easy to tell someone to eat smaller portions. However, it may be you simply need smaller plates and shallow bowls. The same goes for your fork. If you put it down between bites, you are likely to eat a fraction compared to if you were shoveling. Drinking plenty of water is key, too, and with all the non-sugar additives, even those that loathe water will find a flavor they enjoy.

Multitasking No-No

Distracted or boredom eating is a pitfall we all struggle with every day. However, we may not even realize that we are multitasking while we eat. Be it the television is on or your cell phone lights up, it is better to turn it all off during mealtime.  You want to enjoy your meal and not mindlessly chew and swallow only to be hungry sooner rather than later.


It seems there is not enough time in a day to get everything done. But sleep is important. Getting energizing rest may mean you go to bed an hour earlier or wake up an hour later. Either way, a routine sleep schedule is proven to melt those extra pounds away for good.

Invent Time

While watching TV, use the two-minute commercial breaks and merely walk around or do simple exercises. Or perhaps, park further away at the grocery store when you are going to grab supper for the night. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. We all have tiny gaps in time where we can add steps to our days and lose the weight we want without having a gym membership.

Make Weight Loss a Game

If you approach weight loss as a competition, you can fit little habits into your routine that are fun rather than monotonous. Compete with your friends, schedule an outside day trip once a month, or make goals and rewards for yourself. Motivation creates the energy to take those extra steps or hike the extra mile.

Routine is important to our lives and even more so when trying to lose and maintain weight. Changing one habit or many, you will see the benefits while living life to the fullest.


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