My Food From Around the World

Out of all of the places I have had the pleasure of visiting and/or living- Seoul, South Korea had the best food! The Korean BBQ was so tasty!!! As with most Korean barbecue, the meat is seasoned with sesame and scallion, and has ripe pears in the marinade to tenderize the meat and add a characteristic sweetness in some places. Everywhere we went, we were given several other small dishes to compliment the meat as seen in the photo. It was absolutely wonderful!

Although, I was not fortunate enough to get to try a lot of the food Baghdad, I did get to try their bread. Samoon is a diamond-shaped loaf that, if done right, has a smooth but crispy shell that covers a warm, fluffy inside. There are definitely opposing opinions on this regarding the name & taste:) But I enjoyed it!

The Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, Ga was a place I ventured to recently. The food was decent, but the environment is what made the visit worthwhile. While I sipped my dirty martini I had a chance to glance over at music records on the walls, autographed shoes and jackets, guitars, and other memorabilia. It was a very pleasant and refreshing experience.

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar….O–M–G. Those who know me know how often I frequent this place. What could you not like about it? All of their food comes in rather-large portions. I have not had a single thing on the menu that I did not like. If you’re not a beef, chicken, lamb, or bison fan there is always the sushi! While your taste buds are overloaded with decadence and fresh flavors, you get to glance at the fish swimming in a huge tank behind the bar. I love this place!

Back to Seoul! Now in America, we are pretty use to the same thing on a Mcdonalds menu. It is hard to imagine going anywhere else and seeing the menu look any different than the way we’ve seen it our whole life. So, I walk into a Mcdonalds in Seoul and what do I see? A bulgolgi burger? Uck! Needless to say, I didn’t have it my way that day. I wasn’t very pleased with the taste at all. But it was a new experience and Seoul had so much other great food to offer.

Baton Rouge Steakhouse and Bar is home to exquisite cuisine in Montreal. The food there was mouth watering. It was my very first time having risotto and my friend ordered the filet mignon. The booths were set up differently than what I am use to and it had a very intimate feel. The environment was cozy and the waitstaff was very polite. While in Montreal, we visited multiple restaurants and I don’t have anything bad to say about any of them.Also, Canada is known for their “Poutine” which is typically gravy over fries. That was different for me, but altogether awesome!

I am a burger fanatic! No matter where I am, I must try a stacked burger. I also have a tendency sometimes to dip my fries in mayonnaise instead of ketchup and sometimes I may get some strange looks 😉 My mom thinks its weird, but myself and french fries just have an understanding. Montreal was great and I would love to go back and try more food!

Every so often I make my way on down to New Orleans, Louisiana to–you guessed it– Bourbon Street! At this restaurant, Pier 424 Seafood Market, I ordered frog legs and onion rings! They were heavily breaded, but still pretty good. I spent more time partying than eating, but make no mistake about the food and the beignets around the french quarter in New Orleans! You will most definitely come back for more!


There are many many more pictures I have shared which can be found on my Facebook page “Do you even Eat?”– I am a foodie and I appreciate the differences various cultures have to offer. Anywhere I go I try every bite of food they have to offer as long as it is dead and not moving on my plate–don’t ask. Next year, London is on my list! If you get a chance, see the world and all the tasty treats it has to offer.


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